Welcome to Urban Oasis

Milan, the city from which our journey started, is anything but gray. It is a living city, full of attractions and entertainment. If you are not from Milan, visit it, really! We didn’t miss a desk and a computer, with their fixed salary at the end of the month, friends, some trips always with the nightmare of vacation to request (you know well what we’re talking about!).
But to us, young women, young explorers of a huge world where distances are shortened, the great Milan, with its desks, was not enough.
We lacked the physical dynamism of traveling, building, relating to the world.
At one point that old instinct that leads to moving, exploring, which you surely know too, was too strong.
We didn’t have enough photos on Instagram, we wanted to see with our eyes!
We lacked the Sea. We lacked the Mediterranean rhythms, where a coffee is slowly sipped, where a beer by the sea lasts all the time you want. We lacked the true international culture, history and traditions. Malta is the middle ground, an involuntary crossroads of cultures and peoples that have given rise to a unique atmosphere.
Malta is the dream island that has welcomed two modern nomads: from here we start again for a thousand other adventures and a thousand experiences of which we will treasure.
In our travels we asked ourselves: what can be done to make life easier and more comfortable for people who spend precious time and money to visit the world? How many times has a local advice completely changed our living experience?
We have our personal answers and we want to share them with everyone who visits us.
We are committed to building relationships with those around us: the pub downstairs, the flower shop on the corner, the little bar on the beach, the trustworthy rotisserie (our favorite Pastizzo is Da Maxim!), Because we love this island and we immediately wanted to be a full member.
We are committed to making our experience available to those who, like you, need a little corner of paradise, a bit of relaxation or a thousand fun.
We offer you a piece, as long as you wish, of the island that gave us true happiness.
We are sure that it will conquer you too.
You will really not miss anything from us!